A Sleepy Day

I had intended to write something more deep, but I did not sleep well last night. I had trouble sleeping because I couldn’t shut off my thoughts. (I was thinking about what I’d write in this blog, and now I’m too tired to write it! Ha, ha) Then our cat, Timmy, kept making noises every time I started to drift off to sleep. I finally took him downstairs and shut the door against him. Morning came too early. Yawn.

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A Love Beyond Imagining

Today I thought I’d tell you the true story of how God taught me how much He loves me.

I began attending church when I was 2 years old when a neighbor took me. I honestly do not remember a time when I did not love God and want to walk with Him. If anyone had asked me if I knew that Jesus loves me, I would have exclaimed, “ABSOLUTELY!”

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Whatever I Do

We could get rain tonight, but the weather today was quite nice. I kept thinking that I ought to go get another load of firewood. Then EJ said not to drive Aunt Dolly Llama until he can get coolant in her. She’s been having hot flashes–times when her engine starts to overheat. I thought “Yeah! I have a legitimate reason not to get wood today!”

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