A Sleepy Day

I had intended to write something more deep, but I did not sleep well last night. I had trouble sleeping because I couldn’t shut off my thoughts. (I was thinking about what I’d write in this blog, and now I’m too tired to write it! Ha, ha) Then our cat, Timmy, kept making noises every time I started to drift off to sleep. I finally took him downstairs and shut the door against him. Morning came too early. Yawn.

YEAH! Our friend fixed our HHR’s brakes! We went to pick up the car after lunch. It’s so nice to have it back. I am fond of Aunt Dolly Llama, but she is old and creaky, and she has hot flashes. I’d much prefer to drive the HHR. But Aunt Dolly Llama is good for hauling wood though. Tomorrow we need to get new tires for EJ’s Geo Metro, which we named Itty Bitty because it is so small. We tried to name the HHR, but the name didn’t stick. It’s always just “The HHR.” I don’t know why some vehicles accept names and others don’t.

After EJ left for work, I brushed Danny. This was not a pleasant task because years ago he was hit by a van. It broke his tail and stretched out his spine a little. Mostly he is fine, although sometimes he has a slight  a problem–but I really think readers would not prefer to hear about it. It was not fun today, and Danny was not happy–but he endured. When I finished, I took him for a walk.

When we got back home, I had JJ help me get the air conditioner out of the living room window. I wanted to do it because it’s cooler and we don’t need the a/c anymore. Also, I brought my house plants in, and I needed the window to set the plants in. Also, I wanted to get the a/c put away so EJ wouldn’t do it. I know that if he was there when we took it out of the window, he would want to do it for us, and I didn’t want him to strain his bad back. The a/c was heavier than I remembered. I walked backwards up the stairs while JJ took the other end. It was quite an effort, but we got it done! Whew!

Tomorrow is going to be busy. Besides needing to get tires for Itty Bitty, we need more firewood (although its supposed to rain), and we could use groceries….I’m not sure how much we will get done, but we will get done what we can.


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