Whatever I Do

We could get rain tonight, but the weather today was quite nice. I kept thinking that I ought to go get another load of firewood. Then EJ said not to drive Aunt Dolly Llama until he can get coolant in her. She’s been having hot flashes–times when her engine starts to overheat. I thought “Yeah! I have a legitimate reason not to get wood today!”

Actually, I enjoy my daily tasks and my life. I was just tired today. Thinking about my daily tasks made me ponder.

If you ask many Christians to list “spiritual activities,” most of them would list things like reading the Bible, praying, attending church, “ministries” such as preaching, teaching, and singing in the worship team. Oh, and evangelism. Everything else is “secular.”

I do not divide activities into “spiritual” and “secular.” I believe doing so compartmentalizes God, so that “spiritual activities” belong to Him, and all other “activities” are mine.

I do not believe that God wants to be compartmentalized in such a way. He doesn’t want “parts” of me, my activities, and my time, He wants to be in my relationships, in my finances, in my work, in my raising my child, and in my times of relaxation. He wants all of me, all my activities, and not just the “spiritual” parts.

I remember before I met and married EJ, I told my boss that I wanted to get married and be a Mom. She said that I’d be bored at home–she was. I know there are many women who feel being a stay-at-home Mom is drudgery. Years ago EJ told a co-worker that I was a stay-at-home Mom and the guy said, “What is she–stupid?” For the record, I graduated 18th in my high school class,  I was in the Honor Society in both high school and college, and I graduated summa cum laude. I also was always highly praised at work for being good at my job. I am NOT stupid. I just don’t value the awards/praise as much as I do my family.

It is not my intention here, by the way, to argue whether women ought to work or not. I know some working mothers feel criticized for working. Some stay-at-home Mom are criticized for not working. Some women enjoy working at a job. Some enjoy being a stay-at-home Mom. We are all different. Whether a woman ought to work or stay at home is between God and each individual. Obviously, I think being a wife stay-at-home Mom is important, but I don’t know others’ situations, or what God wants them to do. For me, I feel more fulfilled as a wife and stay-at-home Mom. I can be quickly replaced at work, but not at home. My tasks at home feel more meaningful than my tasks at work did.

Anyway, except for rare times when my attitude is very bad, and I grump that no one appreciates me, I am never bored with my work at home. I do not consider it meaningless drudgery. Instead, I believe that everything I do, if done for the glory of God, is a spiritual activity. When I take care of my family, I am doing a spiritual activity. When I teach my son, I am doing a spiritual activity. When I pay my bills on time, clean the house, prepare meals, do laundry, get firewood, clean the kitty litter box, I am doing spiritual activities. I often think, when I cook and clean and do laundry, that I am making life better for my family. When I load, unload, and stack firewood, my efforts will lead to us all being toasty warm this winter. When I work in the garden, I am helping to feed my family. Everything I do has deep meaning.

I Timothy 5:8 says:

But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

Therefore, those who DO provide for their family are living out their faith as much as those engaged in “full-time ministry.” In fact, I believe that caring for my family IS a “full-time ministry.”

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. (Col. 3:17)

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. (I Cor. 10:31)

One thought on “Whatever I Do

  1. thewomanatthewell says:

    Good post,really good post,thanks for sharing both sides of the coin, proverbs 31:10-31,I feel like getting to know you is like getting to know her.

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