I’m Lost! Come Find Me!

Morning came too early. I stayed up until about 2 a.m. writing. Yeah, yeah, I shouldn’t have done that, but I have found that if my mind is busy with thoughts, I will be unable to sleep until I write about them. So I came downstairs and wrote, and didn’t finish until 2 a.m. Groan.

It was 37 degrees when I got up this morning. I LOVE it, although I am also conscious that if I want to stack firewood in nice weather, I better get going on it. We heat our house mostly with our woodstove. Our house is built with double brick walls, so it is well insulated and very easy to heat. However, we do need to have firewood.

JJ is not thrilled about the colder temps because he is camping out this weekend. The Boy Scouts have an honor society called Order of the Arrow. A scout has to be nominated by his troop to join; JJ was nominated last Spring. Once nominated, a scout has to go through an Ordeal. What this involves is not fully revealed until a scout goes through it. JJ has his Ordeal this weekend. He only knows that he will be camping and working at a Boy Scout camp–painting and staining, and other such stuff. After JJ’s Ordeal, he will attend monthly meetings. I think they will be at this camp, which is on the other side of our county.

The scoutmaster is taking JJ to the Ordeal, leaving tomorrow evening. I am planning to ride along because EJ and I have to pick him up on Sunday morning, and I’d like to at least have some idea of where to get him. Fortunately, EJ will be able to drive this time, but it might be important for me to learn the way in case I ever have to take JJ there to the meetings. (I hope the scoutmaster will take him each month.) I was born with a horrible sense of direction, and I can get lost anywhere. Even when I’ve tried to tell myself, “I think I ought to turn right, but I always choose wrong so I will turn left,” I am STILL wrong. One time we rented a car for vacation, and EJ drove the rental car home from the rental place while I followed in our car. I lost him in the city traffic so I immediately stopped at a parking lot, called him on the cell phone and said, “I am lost. Come find me!” I told him what street I was on and described where I was, and then I waited for him. I knew he would find me. He is as good at finding his way as I am at getting lost. After a few minutes, he found me and led me home. I don’t know what I would have done without the cellphone, which we had just gotten a few days before. When I need to get somewhere without EJ (like to the courthouse for jury duty), he usually has me drive the route with him several times before the day I must go there so I can learn the way. I would get a GPS, but I hear stories of the GPS giving wrong directions, and I don’t know if I should trust one. Most people would eventually figure out that they were headed the wrong way, but I wouldn’t know if the GPS was leading me astray.

This rotten sense of direction seems to be a family trait. When one of my sisters and her husband want to attend a show at a performing arts center in another city, their daughter drops them off and picks them up because they can’t find their way. My sister-in-law recently told me that my brother gets terribly lost too. People who aren’t directionally challenged just cannot know the horrible feeling of driving someplace new and unfamiliar.

Thinking of being directionally challenged, I have pondered that walking with Christ requires a person to recognize her lostness and to say to God, “I’m lost! Come find me!” There are times, even as a Christian, that I feel that I have taken a wrong direction and lost my way. I cry, “I’m lost! Come find me!” and then I wait, knowing God will find me and lead me the right way. He always finds those who want to be found and we are willing to repent (turn around). God is even better at finding the lost than my husband is, and prayer is better than cell phones.


One thought on “I’m Lost! Come Find Me!

  1. thewomanatthewell says:

    Congratz to JJ! I remember "bridging" from brownies to girlscouts! It IS a big deal that requires a lot of work and dedication, and obedience to an unexplored calling! Good job mom(and dad) you are rasing him on the right track! btw; God knew you were gonna get lost and need the cell phone, ooo how clever a God we serve! God Bless-WATW

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