This last week has been so busy. Wednesday I went with EJ to the chiropractor. Thursday I went with him to the doctor. She is addressing his breathing problems. She gave him a stronger inhaler, and scheduled a stress test for him. Friday it was back to the chiropractor. EJ will return to the chiropractor on Monday. The chiropractor said it will take several visits to get his back in shape, and then EJ will have to return only occasionally for maintenance.

JJ left yesterday (Saturday) for an overnight camping/canoe trip with the Scouts while EJ and I drove about 4 hours north (and back again) to attend a graduation open house for his nephew and niece. They were from two different families but they had one open house. It was a very pretty drive and we enjoyed talking to family. I also got to meet a Facebook friend I had never met in person before. That was cool!

Several of EJ’s family seems to be moving up to that area, and we have discussed it ourselves. It’s far enough north but not TOO far. We just don’t know whether EJ could find a job there. We wonder if it would be better to stay down here where there are lots of factories and job possibilities or to move to a more beautiful area where they are fewer jobs.

The problem with us is that we don’t know exactly what we want to do. If we knew what we wanted to do, we could concentrate our efforts to accomplishing it. But we don’t know whether to stay or move, to find a house or travel in an RV, to move to this area or that. But whatever we end up doing, the first step is to address EJ’s health. He can’t do ANYTHING if his health is bad.

What do you think?

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