The Next Thing

Early yesterday afternoon, after spending the night at home, we went to the campground to retrieve our RV. EJ was in great pain from his back, but I couldn’t drive both the RV and the car. We each have certain jobs when we arrive and depart in the campground. EJ’s jobs include placing the stabilizers, putting up the awning, and connecting the electricity, water, and cable–and undoing it. When we depart from a campground, I get everything else put away.

When we finished breaking camp, EJ and JJ drove the RV home. I stopped at the office to turn in the TV cable and to see if we could get a refund. There’s a three-day minimum stay, but I was able to get the rest of our money back. When I called EJ with my cellphone to tell him we got a refund, he said I could keep the refund for myself. At first I was going to refuse, but then I decided to accept it and buy EJ a netbook for his own use. Then we will have our own computers!

As I was driving home, I thought that we have so little success in this area that we can’t even manage to go on a vacation near our own town. Then I thought that, well, we have been praying for God to lead us, and if the bed in the RV aggravates EJ’s back, then we can’t go RVing full-time, can we?

But whatever we do, our next step is to address the issue of EJ’s back. He first injured his back years ago, before he met me, when he fell down a couple flights of stairs at the factory where he was working at that time. Over the years, he’s gone to various doctors and had physical therapy, but his back seems to be worsening. He is in constant and increasing pain and sleeps very little. He’s struggling because the smoke at his company is causing him breathing problems; he’s now using an inhaler. Because he can’t breathe, he can’t exercise. Because he can’t exercise, he is gaining weight, which I’m sure is aggravating his back pain. Some people have urged him to go on disability, but I’m not sure how EJ would find purpose in life if he did. I don’t think he could work if he was on disability, but he would need something to do to give him purpose. The next step is to get him in to the doctor and see what our options are.

What do you think?

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