It was our first full day of camping at the campground near our home. It is VERY HOT and HUMID today. A local friend posted on Facebook that she had heard that the temperature in our area is about 93 but it feels like it’s 106 degrees. We have air conditioning in the RV, but we kept getting brownouts. Either the electrical demand is too much for the campground to handle in this heat, or our air conditioner is failing. Since the brownout occurred when just the fan was on, I think the problem is not with our air conditioner. I hope it isn’t.

I took our dog, Danny, for a walk through the campground this morning. It was pleasant this morning. We played miniature golf at the campsite early this afternoon, but we felt like we were melting  It is much too hot to feel like doing ANYTHING, especially with the air conditioning not working. We were so hot that we ended up coming home to enjoy the air conditioning in our house. We are SUCH wimps!

This has caused us to question (again) what our goals are for our future. If we can’t take the discomfort of a hot day with no air conditioning without running home, can we really tolerate RVing full time?  Is this a lifestyle we can tweak and grow into? Or could we keep our house and take month-long trips in the RV? We are constantly discussing what we want from life and how to accomplish it. At this point, the only thing we REALLY know is that EJ can’t keep working at his current factory because of the effect that it has on him emotionally and physically.

We are committed to staying at this campground for 10 days, but at this point we are not very impressed with it. That’s ok. We plan to visit a variety of campgrounds and I am making a list of which ones we like, which we don’t like, what elements we like or dislike, which campground we will visit again and which we will never return to.

What do you think?

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