Step One: Laptop

Our desktop computer has been giving us the Blue Screen of Death with increasing frequency–sometimes two   or three times a day.It also kept freezing temporily so we’d have to wait a few seconds or minutes for it to unfreeze–over and over gain. Very frustrating. So this morning we drove to Best Buy and bought a laptop computer. We’ve been talking about buying one for quite some time. We especially wanted to get one to use while we are RVing.

This computer is very nice.We wanted a nice one to provide for all our needs: news, weather, blogging, e-bay,  Facebook, and reading, studying, and research.We can use WiFi for free in many campgrounds, and we got a doo-hicky that will let us get on the Internet while we are traveling. This computer is mine. EJ wants limited capacity–just something to enable him to get on-line, so he’s planning to get a netbook of some sort.

We didn’t know what days EJ would get off for the 4th of July holidays, so we couldn’t make any definite plans to go camping anywhere too faraway. So we made reservations at a campground about five minutes away from our home. That way if EJ had to work, JJ and I could still go and EJ could join us after work. We could also get home to take care of our cats. Our dog is camping with us. It turns out that EJ gets the whole ten days off that we will be at the camp. Yeah!

I am now sitting in our RV at the campground, playing with this new laptop. I’ve never had a laptop before, so it’s all new to me.

This is step one of our plan to live full-time in the RV.

What do you think?

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